Manpryt Kaur

Keynote Speeches:

It is ok to make mistakes.
Walk With The Purpose
Failure Is Mandatory To Taste The Success
You Are An Author of Your Own Life.

Favourite quote:

Your Story is not over yet;

5 Books Manpryt recommend’s reading

Zen (Pillars of Consciousness) by Osho
Yatrik By Arnab Ray
Happiness by Lois Blyth
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R Covey

Founder & CEO at BroSis Services

English Literature Alumnus from Delhi University | Institute of Marketing and Management

An English Literature Alumnus from Delhi University, Manpryt Kaur also holds a Master’s degree in Marketing. She is a certified Soft Skills Trainer & a Motivational Speaker, armed with a professional experience of 11 years. Through her training & coaching sessions, she helps the corporates in developing the professional competency and skills of their employees. In 2015, she has combined her vision of being an entrepreneur with her passion of training; and established ‘BroSis Services’, a Corporate Training Organization. She has conducted sessions for the organization like HCL Technologies, Oracle Corporations, Zoom Car, Nike, Levis, Matrix Cellular, Café Coffee Day and many more.

BroSis Services

Why Manpryt?

Manprythas always believed in that if you have a dream to fly high, then must recognize that power of wings uniquely belongs to you and nobody else!

She works for corporates to develop the competency skills of their employees and also does a individual coaching to instigate the positive outlook towards life.

She knows how it is to be like a depression victim because she has dealt with it after she lost her brother in 2013, however she also knows that how to overcome it and giving a new direction & purpose to her life. Her Business Venture ‘BroSis Services’ is one such evidence and drive for her.

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