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Why We Eat Rotten Thoughts?
Juthe Alfaz
I Quit
Are You Alive? Before You Die, What You Ought To Do?

Chartered Accountant | Motivational Speaker | Mind Trainer

The Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India

KNUTS Speaker, a chartered accountant , motivational speaker and a mind trainer, Rajnandini uses her personal experiences and no theoretical lines to influence people. She stands up for whatever she believes in.

She runs an organisation named ‘Mind Mappers’ where she trains students and adults to live their passion and to sustain it.

Her organization aims to create a base for youth and regain confidence in adults. She believes in spite of all luxuries people today are not satisfied, to change this she runs Mind Mappers.

Why Rajnandini?

She is a practicing chartered accountant and has trained 2000+ people for living a satisfied life and has helped motivated people achieve their dreams.

Hardworking, Talented and Self-Motivated, Rajnandini can engage successfully with all age groups.

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