Vivek Mehra

Keynote Speeches:

Building The Next Generation Of Leadership
Students To Be Employable In 5 Simple Steps
Building A Brand
What Does It Take To Be An Entrepreneur?
Celebrating Failures – Why We Should And How
Why Marketing Must Be On Every CEO’s Priority List

Favorite Quote:

“A diamond is just carbon that performed well under pressure.”

Vivek Picks:

Aghora (Trilogy) – Robert E. Svoboda
Living With The Himalyan Masters – Swami Rama
Buyology: How Everything We Believe About Buying Is Wrong – Martin Lindstrom
Being The Boss – The 3 Imperatives For Being A Great Leader – Kent Lineback & Linda A. Hill
REWORK – Change The Way You Work, Forever - David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

Managing Director & CEO, Sage Publications

Columbia University (MBA), New York

VivekMehra is currently the MD & CEO of SAGE Publications India. Vivek wears many hats that make him the person he is. Between the (public) professional life and the very deep and private recesses of his brain lies a universe of thoughts, actions and beliefs.

These have been shaped by events, people and perhaps Karma. It's this universe he seeks to put in words. When everything else failed him professionally, it was the power of his words that not just resurrected a career but brought back life to life. It is with these words that he continues to make a difference with those whose karma connects his.

Vivek published his first book on Kindle. It was written in 1999 and it never saw the light of day, till then.

Sometimes it's direct and most times it's not. But the essence of who he is never changes and he remains a person searching for himself.


Vivek received the Business Excellence and Innovative Best Practices Academia Award - 2019 by Dr. Manmohan Singh at The New Delhi Institute of Management (February 2019) and the “Sharda Top Rankers Excellence Award for Visionary Leadership” (January 2016).

He is also the recipient of the “Vijayshree” award by Government of Maharashtra (1994) for simplifying complex dehydrating technology and ensuring a brighter future for small-scale farmers.

Vivek serves as the honorary Council Member and Member of Board Studies for the Association of Learned & Professional Society Publishers’ (ALPSP) journal, Learned Publishing. He also serves as the Board Studies Member at the All India Management Association (AIMA). He has edited and typeset 14 books besides authoring one courseware Fundamentals of Chemical Engineering.

He was a visiting faculty at Ambedkar University, Delhi and taught courses at the Post Graduate level. He is currently a Board of Studies member at the School of Business, Public Policy and Social Entrepreneurship at Ambedkar University, Delhi and is also a part of the Quality Assurance Committee at the same university.

He was also the lead in the creation and development of an editing course at Neotia University, Kolkata.

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