Vaibhav Sisinty

Keynote Speeches:

Power of Social Media
How to Grow Your LinkedIn
Future of Marketing
Growth Hacks to Boost Your Market Reach

Favorite Quote:

“Always Be Learning.”

Head of Marketing, Klook India & MA | Ex-Uber | Growth Hacker

Vaibhav is an Entrepreneur, Consultant for Startups, Marketer, Growth Hacker, Speaker & Trainer. Currently he is working at Uber and helping with Launching new products, Brand building, Growth Marketing, Retention Marketing, Strategic Partnerships etc. You Connect with me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook @VaibhavSisinty

He Started DiscoveringAndroid in 2011. Grew it to 1M+ pageviews in a year with a team of 4.He also Started CrazyHeads in 2013. Managed a team of 14 and served over 100 clients from India, US, Brazil, Australia etc.He has given over 50 workshops and talks in colleges and companies ranging from VIT, IIT Kgp events to companies like General Electric. Started consulting startups in 2015, have helped several startups with Brand Building, ReBranding, Growth Hacking, Digital marketing & strategy etc.He Joined Uber in 2015. Initially launched cities, currently helping cities scale efficiently.

Why Vaibhav?

Vaibhav gave his first workshop when he was 13 and that was on building robots from scratch, to a crowd of 150 engineering students. He was invited as a speaker at General Electric’s Ignite when he was 20. By the time he was 23, he had given more than 40 workshops and had trained thousands of students and professionals. He is 25 now and has given talks in top brands, colleges and online events. Listen to him now!!!

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