Vineet Patawari

Keynote Speeches:

Future of Financial Service
Profiting From Technology Trends
Social Media And The Future
Learning From Crisis
The Importance of Proper Education for Successful Trading

Favorite Quote:

The best you do today is only a benchmark for you to break tomorrow

5 Books you’d recommend to read.

Getting Things Done – David Allen
The Art of Thinking Clearly – Rolf Dobelli
Thinking, fast & slow – Daniel Kahneman
The Intelligent Investor – Benjamin Graham
Linchpin – Seth Godin

CEO, Kredent Academy & StockEdge | Co-Founder, ELearnMarkets

PGDM, IIM Indore | CA | St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

Passing out from the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Vineet Patawari found it hard to resist a seven-figure job. However, the urge to aid the larger student fraternity got him to start his own venture. Thus was born, an e-learning portal for training for management entrance examinations. With funding from his parents and two partners, Patawari laid the foundation for his first entrepreneurial venture in June 2008. After working on this venture for about 2 years, Vineet decided it was best to move on.

He describes himself as an entrepreneur keen to create a niche in finance & financial markets. He co-founded financial market training platform - Elearnmarkets and also StockEdge - stock market analytics tool. His passion in digital marketing is the driving force behind anything from ideation & strategic management to creating customer delight & team management. Precursor to this, his deep passion for financial education & financial literacy made Vineet join Kredent Academy as a director.

A St. Xavier’s alumnus, Vineet has been a visiting faculty in some of the premier educational institutes like St. Xavier’s – Kolkata, IISWBM, ISBM, Bhawanipur College, IMI Kolkata.

As a young and modern Indian, Vineet has pledged to spread financial literacy among the non finance people and his deep passion about Vedic Maths and Digital Marketing further help this cause in more than one way.

Why Vineet?

Vineet always resented the monotony of a nine-to-five job, though starting up on his own was not a cakewalk. Initial large investments that later turned futile, the uneven revenue stream, manpower issues and unforeseen delays in projects made him question his choice a number of times. However, now a successful and proud entrepreneur, he says, “The learning from starting my own venture has been tremendous, which no job could have given me in such short span of time.” This learning and freedom to make his own choices are what kept him going. He says perseverance was his mantra to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Patawari says every dream is at least worth a try. Your degree is an insurance that will cushion you in case things don’t click. Also, he says, it’s a good time to try your luck as the stakes are much lower now than perhaps they would be half a decade from now. The mantra to success that he wishes to share with all aspiring entrepreneurs is perseverance.

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