Maher Mezher

Keynote Speeches:

Become An Innovator
Innovation and the Surprise Factor
Reinvent your Business
Creative Leadership
Innovators Mindset & Habits

Favorite Quote:

“Think Like An Artist Act Like A Leader”( By Maher Mezher )

Maher Picks:

Failing Forward - John Maxwell
Good to Great - James Collins
What Matters Most - Gary Hamel
The Innovators DNA - Prof Clayton Christensen
The Innovators Dilemma - Prof Clayton Christensen

Founder of Innovators League – World-Renowned Innovation Expert | Inventor – Global Innovation | Speaker – Opera Singer “Tenor”

ESCP, Europe

Maher is regarded as one of the top experts in innovation & his ideas have been widely used throughout the world. He has launched the Fertility Loan, the first of its kind, gaining international recognition as the most creative and innovative in its products. Consequently, he spread worldwide recognition after being interviewed by more than 160 media stations like CNN, BBC, Reuters, Figaro, and M6, RUSSIA Today, and many others.

Maher is the Inventor of the Innovators Tool® the first Innovation App built on sound effects, 3D animated images, dynamic quotes, sonic & strategic tailored questions that guides innovators to transform their creative ideas into profitable innovations. He is as well the inventor of the Innovators Process® the newly designed agile Innovation Process all along with the Innovators Notebook© that helps embed the innovation culture & regain creative self-confidence. He is the founder of Innovators League sarl a leading regional Innovation consulting & training company.

He filed a number of Patents & Innovations in different industries. Maher is finalizing his book on Innovation “Leading Through Innovation©” believing that nowadays the only way to lead & grow is through Innovation & Leadership. He received his Masters in Marketing & Communication from ESCP- Paris & his Masters in Marketing from ESA- Beirut.

Maher occupies an academic role as a lecturer at Saint-Joseph University, Lebanon, an instructor at the Bankers Academy in New York, a Chartered Financial Marketer “ ChFM ” & a lead trainer at the American Academy of Financial Management, Certified Innovation Trainer by Solution People - USA. He has advised & trained in different countries a substantial number of professionals & organizations in the fields of Innovation, Creative Leadership, Coaching, Gamification, Marketing, Retail Banking, Advanced Sales Techniques, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Relationship Management, Engagement & Loyalty Programs, Team Building & Self-improvement.

Why Maher?

Maher is a sought-after Innovation keynote speaker who presented at Harvard Club New York-USA, Utah State University-USA, Prague, Rome, London, Oslo-Norway, Stromstad-Sweden, Lisbon-Portugal, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Muscat-Oman Lebanon & several other countries delivering state-of-the art interactive keynotes.

He is a pioneer in the field of innovation as he launched 3 innovative Retail Banking products, which were worth being included as case studies in Harvard’s Business Review and Professor Philip Kotler’s “Principles of Marketing”, a textbook that will inspire future marketers during their university studies. Receiving several awards from financial & academic parties recognized the creative products.

As one of today’s top innovators & to further reflect upon his known expertise in the field of innovation, Maher was selected to be a jury member in the Ideaz Prize TV show broadcasted on MTV Lebanon, a program that encourages young entrepreneurs to kick off their business start-ups.

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