Ananya Banerjee

Keynote Speeches:

ABCD of Structuring Your Business
Startup India Action Plan
The Shackles of Women Empowerment
Let Passion Drive You
Starting Up – The Road Ahead

Founder, Unico Legale

MA (Business Law), WB NUJS

Ananya Banerjee is a startup enthusiast, public speaker and the founder of Unico Legale; a boutique law firm based in Kolkata, which provides a wide variety of advisory and transactional legal services throughout India. Prior to founding her own law firm she has interned with reputed law firms like Barucha & Partners, SAMVAD Partners, MD&T Partners etc to name a few. Apart from her law career, she is an occasional public speaker, a passionate traveller and amateur photographer and a small time social entrepreneur pursuing and developing ideas as they come.

According to Ananya, people say that she is a walking contradiction. She has studied mathematics and statistics and then, ended up being a lawyer. But she sees it every day how her knowledge helps her in taking business decisions.

Ananya dosen’t let anything define me or defy her. She has found a balance and every day, she work on improving it. She feels that life is too short to do just one thing.

Why Ananya?

For Ananya, passion and never forgetting who I was before it all started are one of the most important things in life. While passion gets her going on the toughest of days, not forgetting about the root helps her be grateful and humble and she strongly believes and follows that there’s something to learn from everyone she see’s.

One advice she’d give to the younger generation – “The road ahead isn’t smooth. Don’t chicken out as soon as you face the very first glitch. It’s a long difficult road, every minute of which is totally worth it. And most importantly, starting up isn’t the destination. It’s just the first step.”

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