Simerjeet Singh

Keynote Speeches:

Leading in a VUCA world
How to Focus in Uncertainty
Self-Leadership during the Tough Times
Inner Game of Success
Developing an Innovation Mindset
The Grit Toolkit
Art of Making Better Choices

Favorite Quote:

"He who has a why to live for can bear with almost any how.” - Friedrich Nietzsche

"When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves." - Viktor Frankl

Quotes by Simerjeet Singh:

Simerjeet Picks:

Mastery By Robert Greene
Man's Search For Meaning By Dr. Viktor Frankl
The War Of Art By Steven Press Field
Flow By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
Pour Your Heart Into It By Howard Schultz

Motivational speaker | Virtual Keynote Speaker

IIM Lucknow

A hospitality industry professional who left a high-flying career to follow his heart's calling, Simerjeet Singh is today well known across the globe as a mindset coach and a growth catalyst with a humanitarian mindset. Since 2007, he has been motivating millions of youths, professionals and the masses through his workshops, keynotes, videos and podcasts.

With over 13 years of international experience in the motivational speaking space, having served more than 300 organizations worldwide and 80 different nationalities, Singh specializes in diverse life experiences and diverse audiences - from student groups to large multi-national corporations - while stressing the importance of leading a purpose-driven life.

In 2019, Singh was recognized with the prestigious “Global Excellence Award” (GEA) in Motivational Speaking. An unconventional speaker, he helps leaders and organizations challenge their beliefs and thrive in a constantly changing environment while encouraging others to make bold course corrections in both their personal and professional lives. His presentations cover his personal journey as well as touching on topics such as innovation, leadership, self-growth and youth empowerment. He is currently serving clients virtually from his well-equipped high-tech studio in Jalandhar.

Why Simerjeet Singh?

Leading professional global keynote speaker, Simerjeet Singh, is now available for speaking engagements, coaching, and conferences - all virtually. Specializing in customized keynotes on a wide range of globally relevant topics, the award-winning international motivational speaker is able to help as teams learn to navigate the 'new normal' in a highly uncertain environment.

Operating from an end-to-end setup of a fully equipped studio with technical recording and broadcasting equipment, high end acoustics and professional lighting to ensure state-of-the-art virtual keynote delivery, Team SJS has also added new programs to their content offerings that tackle new organisational scenarios arising out of work from home setups, lesser social interaction, isolation, virtual teams, long distance meetings and virtual governance.

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