Priyanka Bhatia

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Women's Investment Community

Founder, Women on Wealth

Post Graduate in Business Journalism

Priyanka Bhatia, a Post Graduate in Business Journalism, decided to leave her job at the Press Trust of India to impact the financial journey of many women, like herself, through the Women on Wealth platform in 2011.Her mission is to wake women up to today's tremendous opportunities to create wealth for their dreams and to have a voice in their families and their communities.

She has been personally mentored by the Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women. Among her mentors are Mr. Vijay Kedia and Mrs. Neeru Tiwari, one of India's earliest and successful stock investors and Mr. Gautam Gupta, an expert in debt funds.

Women on Wealth is a Learning and Doing community, rather than an investment agency with a transactional approach towards Money, They offer Training programs in habits, skills and tools that are critical forFinancial success.

Why Priyanka?

Priyanka is constantly up skilling in wealth creation tools and techniques such as Stock market analysis, behavioural sciences and building better business models.

Her work has been featured in several leading publications including BBC News, NDTV 24*7 News Channel, Zee Business News Channel, Hindustan Times, Femina and Entrepreneur magazines, Huffington Post, Sheroes, amongst others.

Priyanka’s life changing programs have been delivered successfully to blue chip companies and organizations like Larsen& Toubro, WalMart, Valvoline Cummins, Glocal University and also have been part of an MBA program, too.

Priyanka accompanied on this journey by a committed core team and a community of women who believe that stepping out towards financial freedom and independence is a transformational act for women. Women OnWeath is partnered in India with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. She personally groom, coach and recommend budding entrepreneurs for world class mentoring at CBF.

Working towards women’s financial goals and enhancing their financial skills, Priyanka draws a connect with the audience and stands as the voice of women.

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