Deepak Daftari

Keynote Speeches:

The Future of Education
Domain Name Investing 101
Being A Founder
Finding The New

CEO and Director of & DD Web Vision Pvt. Ltd.

The University of Western Australia (Systems & Data Architecture)

Deepak founded one of the oldest education based platforms in India – eSiksha in 1999 and today it boasts of a membership strength of a million users.

DD Webvision Pvt. Ltd. is an executive resourcing firm catering to some of the most well-known IT Companies in India. Deepak is one of the pioneers in India who moved into the business of domain name buying and selling and is one of the largest Domain Investor in the country, buying and selling high value domain names and has helped quite a few Fortune 500 companies acquire strategic domain names, in stealth mode.

He is also a Charter Member and Executive Committee Member at TiE Kolkata and was the Past Vice President of TiE Kolkata. He is an active angel investor, having invested in startups in multiple arenas such as IT, hospitality, education and QSR. Some of his invested companies are: ShieldSquare, and Inspirit Juice.

Why Deepak?

He’s a visionary. He’s a leader. He’s a change-maker. Back in the 90’s when no one even had the slightest idea about domains, Deepak got in early and made the most of his knowledge having closed quite a few six figure domain deals for himself and for his clients. Apart from all this he also runs a Pan India Executive Resourcing and Head-Hunting Consultancy for Senior Positions in some of the most prominent IT Companies in India.

Multi-Tasker, Passionate and a mentor. He’s what you’re looking for.

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