Ashish Vidyarthi

Keynote Speeches:

Celebrating Life As An Opportunity
Living A Life Where Breakdowns Are Doors To Opportunities
Discovering Uniqueness
Curiosity 101
With The Two of Us

Founder, Avid Miner | Actor

BA, Hindu College

Ashish is an award winning multi lingual Indian film actor who works in Bollywood, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Bengali cinema. Having acted in more than 200 films across 12 languages over 25 years as an actor, Ashish has experienced varied cultures, languages, geographical locations and the unique challenges that come up while working in such ever changing milieus. He is known for his brilliant acting method and getting under the skin of every character he portrays and enthralling the audience with his presence.

He is the mind behind Avid Miner Conversations, his entrepreneurial venture that has created out of the box interactive modules customised for organisations and their needs. Avid Miner was created to engage in creative conversations to bring out the Champion in each individual, in the midst of any challenges that life might throw at you.

The modules are curated after background work with the HR or Learning and development teams and are bespoke for every client ensuring that the real-life challenges being faced by the specific organisation are addressed. Over the last 5 years, Ashish has conducted workshops for WiprO, Voltas, Exim Bank, Synchrony Financial, TMTC, Lokmat to name a few.

His speeches are highly motivating, engaging and interactive. He calls them Conversations. Conversations which address issues and invite people to take action and make the most of the opportunity called Life. The sheer positivity that he brings to his interactions allows people to experience the Magic in day to day life…. And live that life as a Champion.

With the Two of Us

Why Ashish?

National Award winning actor. Entrepreneur. Conversation Creator. Ashish is Knuts Certified. He’s the one you’re looking for no matter the topic, Ashish will add value and keep you mesmerized. He’s enigmatic, charming and a crowd puller. Get him now!

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