Sujay Santra

Keynote Speeches:

Last Mile HealthCare
Being Your Own Boss
Change – Do Your Bit
Future of HealthCare
Starting Up – Masterclass

Founder & CEO, IkureTechsoft Pvt. Ltd.

IETE, Hydrebad

Realising that there will never be sufficient doctors to treat patients in India individually, Sujay is completely changing the healthcare system from an individualized curative model, to a community based preventive healthcare system to ensure holistic well being of communities. He is doing this through ICT for low-cost diagnosis and data analysis of a community’s health indicators, and implementing behavior change programs for the communities in partnership with academic institutions, locals NGOs and businesses. He has been conferred with Ashoka Fellowship for his path breaking idea to treat millions of rural people in India.

He has more than 20 years of experience ( 12 years in corporate and 8 years in Ikure) in Business Modelling, Planning & Execution aimed at sustainable models for providing affordable healthcare to Low &Low middle income populations.

He also had a strong technology knowledge in the field of software, Data Analytics, Health Informatics, Low cost Point of care devices & device integrations, ICT based solutions, Bio Informatics. Having received funding from various mechanisms he knows the ins and outs of Funding mechanisms of Government, Private VCs, Angels & Institutional investors , Donors & Grants.

Sujay also plays a role of mentors at incubation centres in some of the most prestigious univeristies in India like, IIM Ahmedabad & IIM Calcutta.

Why Sujay?

Would you have the courage to leave behind a comfortable life in big MNC to chase a dream full of uncertainties? That’s exactly what SujaySantra, did. Unhappy with the way his life was going, he resigned from Oracle – one of the biggest software and hardware systems companies – and got into his own business. “Although I had a very decent and satisfying life, I had an identity crisis. I asked ‘Where do I see myself in five, ten years down the line?” and the vision forward was not very satisfying. Then I started to think about how could I change many people’s lives; it triggered something in me and I started to feel I needed to do something”.

Having survived both the corporate and the start-up life, Sujay is a powerhouse of experiences! His attention to detail and drive to bring a change in the world is inspiring. There’s a lot to learn from him, listen to him now!

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