Divij Shah

Keynote Speeches:

Life Without Limbs
Breaking Barriers – The Indian System
Fighting Yourself - Mind Over Matter
Fear to Freedom

Para Cyclist- Team India | Sales Manager at InMobi, Indonesia

MSc Finance, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management | MBA, Flame University (Pune)

Divij Shah was four years old when his right hand got stuck in an elevator door and had to be amputated. However, both he and his father were determined not to let that one accident hold him back. Two decades later, Divij has tried his hand at everything from U-16 cricket to being a successful financial analyst. As a physically challenged person in India, nothing came easy. But despite every step in his path being lined with hurdles, he didn’t give up.

After finishing an MBA in finance, he moved to Bengaluru to work as a financial analyst, and that was when he picked up cycling. He mastered cycling in just a few years and bagged silver at the Silver medal at the Asian Para cycling championship, Bahrain 2017 & in Myanmar 2018.

But India's complete lack of interest in any sport other than cricket was yet another obstacle, if there is something that Divij has not done in his life, it is giving up in the face of adversity, and he proved it once again, that only fear is the greatest disability. For now, he is currently training for the next round of World Championships which are due later in the year (2018) across Europe and, of course, he is determined for glory at the Paralympics in 2020.

Divij works along with the Aditya Mehta Foundation, to promote and enable differently abled civilians and armed forces personnel to take up sports and represent the country by providing them with all the support required- funds, equipment, training, counselling etc. Along with the foundation, he also credits his company InMobi, who have continuously supported him to fuel his passion.

Why Divij?

Two-Time Silver Medalist, Para-Athlete, Divij lives by the maxim that fear is the greatest disability of all. Some injuries heal faster if you move forward and that’s what Divij has done all his life, moving from one personal milestone to another. His father has been his role model all his life, constantly reminding him to ‘Use what you have, to deal with it’ and that’s how he has lived his life, taking out the maximum from every opportunity, every experience. With his will as his most powerful tool and Nick Vujicic’s (motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome) inspirational line as his guiding principle: ‘Pain is pain, broken is broken. Fear is the biggest disability of all,’ Divij makes sure he is always looking ahead.

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