Shivaji Dasgupta

Keynote Speeches:

Brands Mean Business – How Integrity, Expression and Growth Can Fuel Valuation.
Viagra for Customer Journeys – Building a business through inspiring and ownable experiences at every touchpoint.
From the Rat Race to the Cat Fest, your time begins now – Unleashing the power of your personal brand, whatever be your vocation.
The Insider Outsider – Tales of Calcutta as experienced through the lens of a passionate insider and a despairing outsider.
How Food Drives Culture – The interplay of eating and living through recipes that are provocative.

Shivaji’s Picks:

Empire – The Rise and Demise of the British World Order - Niall Ferguson
Strategic Brand Management - Kevin Lane Keller
Strategic Brand Management - J N Kapferer
The Innovator’s Dilemma - Clayton Christiansen
Brand Sense - Martin Lindstrom

Founder, Inexgro Brand Advisory

PG, MICA (Mass Communication/Media Studies) | St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

Shivaji is a student of consumer behavior and modern history which leads to a distinguished opinion on Brand Management and Experience History. During his advertising years, he was enamored by the study of people and their traits, considering that to be the basis for every future human endeavor. Being a passionate observer of events and developments, his vision for tomorrow is based on an inspired interplay of emotion, science and experience. Curiosity drove him to become a successful quizzer in the past and then a prolific writer on both marketing and society.

After graduating from St. Xavier’s College Calcutta, Shivaji completed his Post-Graduate from MICA Ahmedabad. Currently Founder of Inexgro Brand Advisory in the business of Consulting, Training and Writing. After embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Shivaji had a stellar 19-year career with WPP companies including JWT, Rediffusion and finally with Contract Advertising India as EVP and Head of Delhi Operations.

Currently, he also runs a weekly blog called Brandstand hosted by, contributes to the Times of India and also, connects daily on living and nostalgia through his Facebook blog. On all of the above, his aim sincerely is to get published this year, converting his diverse interests to cohesive perspectives. An enormously positive soul, Shivaji believes deeply in the power of happy intent, which when nurtured can conquer every boundary. Quite logically, he loves food, travel and every form of exploration, as an indispensable source of juices for living.

Why Shivaji?

Shivaji believes that integrity, expression and growth must work in thoughtful tandem to develop suitable brands. Integrity being the inspiring convergence of existing belief and exceptional ambition. Expression then the imaginative and scientific interaction plan for the customer. Growth the inevitable yet logical performance metrics that must govern every designed engagement.

Shivaji has already published more than 50 original pieces of thinking and is a leading opinion leader in the world of brands with his first book on a proprietary module scheduled to be published in 2018. Shivaji’s business clientele includes the finest names of the industry and he has also successfully conducted international branding projects. Passionate equally about History and Culture, as experiences and for writing, Shivaji is currently a resident of Gurgaon married to Anushua, a homemaker, and blessed with a son, Adhiraaj.

An expert on Brand Management, Customer Experience Management & Experience History – Shivaji is one of India’s top marketing guru’s.

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