Arka Mukhopadhyay

Keynote Speeches:

Creativity – The Art of Seeing
Finding Flow – Loving What You Do and Doing What You Love
Towards The Still Point – Being Mindful, Heartful and Beingful
The Eye of The Bird – Finding One’s Purpose
Where The Mind is Without Fear – Being The Best We Can Be

Favorite Quote:

“Save me from danger, this is not my prayer to you; but if danger comes let me not be afraid” - Tagore

Arka’s Picks:

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy –Douglas Adams
The Poems of John Keats
The Principal Upanishads
Dakghar - Tagore
The Little Prince - Saint-Exupery

Founder, JyothirgamayaNatyaKalari

Drop-Out (Engineering)

Arka is an engineering drop-out. However, according to him, he has learned at the school of life since the age of eighteen, that is, for the last twenty years. Arka is also trained in Kalaripayattu, Yoga, various forms of movement and meditation and other mind-body processes. In the past he has been a soft-skills trainer and a teacher in a school. At the moment, he is a theatre practitioner – a performer, director and teacher, and he also uses theatre and the other areas of his knowledge to facilitate various learning processes on behavioral skills for people from all backgrounds. He is especially passionate about working with young adults.

Arka started working while still a college student – starting out as a call center agent and very quickly progressing to being a trainer. Around the same time, he started his journey in theatre. In a few years’ time, this became a full-time vocation, a profession, and an abiding passion. Theatre also took him on the quest of the ‘inner’ – the urge to know oneself. This was about a decade ago. Since then he has travelled – without and within. From the villages of Bengal, meeting with the Bauls, to staying with the Qawwali singers in the HazratNizamuddinDargah in Delhi, to the Himalayan mountains to practitioners of ritual in Kerala, Arka has moved through different fascinating landscapes. His work has also taken him to several other countries, where he has performed or given workshops.

Why Arka?

Most of us lack the courage to take a leak of faith, follow our heart and live our life on our own terms. Arka has done all of that and continues to live life by his own rules. From dropping out to falling in love with theatre and art – Arka can add value to any conversation. He has an uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter – quickly & effortlessly. There is the artist's flair to match the practitioner's depth. In a world, full of dilettantes, Arka is someone who has skin in the game.

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