Vinay Singhal

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Co-Founder & CEO, WittyFeed

SRM University (B.Tech, Computer Science)

Vinay Singhal is the co-founder & CEO of WittyFeed. Hailing from Nunsar, a small village in Haryana, Vinay’s hunger for excellence made him the very first person from his family to pursue engineering. Entrepreneurial bug bit him early in 2010 while he was still pursuing his B.Tech, Computer Science from Chennai. A few failures and a score of learnings later took shape in September 2014 under the aegis of Vatsana Technologies. Not even completed the tenure of three years, is already valued at $30 million.

Vinay, only 27, holds 7+ years of successful experience providing fiscal, strategic and financial leadership in uniquely challenging situations. Internet media industry has always been his work field. He is an innovative and result-driven leader, focused on achieving exceptional results in highly competitive environments. He is highly motivated and has all important core values in place.

Vinay believes in affecting positive change in others and the community as a whole. He derives his strength from the people and his team around him. He says. “My journey from 2010 to 2014 was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. What kept me going was – My Team. It still is my propelling force.”

Vinay believes that Success and Failure, both are integral parts in the life of a serious entrepreneur. He himself has gone through his share of failures before tasting success with WittyFeed. From his experience Vinay advises entrepreneurs to be serial entrepreneurs rather than parallel entrepreneurs.

A social activist at heart he dreams of an ideal India and believes in being the change agent. Despite his tight work schedule, he manages to find time to enjoy music and read stuff online.

Why Vinay?

Featured by Forbed, BW #40Under40, content marketing torchbearer, Vinay is a 1st Gen Entrepreneur. WittyFeed - the charticle and listicle platform - is today India's largest viral content company and the second largest in the world in terms of traffic numbers. Except for the global leader Buzzfeed. The journey has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride for Vinay. Listen to amazing stories and great insights by a small town boy, who made it big.

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