Raj Shamani

Keynote Speeches:

Crush It: Build Your Business & Influence
Small World: How To Get Paid To Travel The World
The Biggest Opportunity You Will Miss This Year
Skyrocket Sales: Through Internet & Social Media Marketing
How To Stand Out In The Noisy World: Personal Branding


BBA, Prestige Institute of Management and Research

Raj comes out amidst the people who have no great shakes in their lives and are totally unclear about where this life is taking them to. He had dreams but highly vague direction. His thirst for knowledge, travel, learning and success kept him going no matter how many hardships came his way.

He will make you believe in yourself much more than you do and feel especial and noteworthy while you experience his journey from being one of those teenagers who are just too lazy to do anything but only manage to pass with 45-50% of grades, till such fascinating things he has done in no time.

Raj is a tycoon of words and a Well of thoughts. He is skilled in helping people apply correct wisdom, with the best tools and strategies for our new era. As a speaker passionate about equipping people towards becoming and being their best, Raj has studied pages, minds and the society and is currently using what he learnt to fortify people practically and aesthetically. Raj is enthusiastically focused on causing positive results on his audience. Since he realized his potential years ago, he has inspired thousands of people in over 18 countries all over the world.

Why Raj?

Raj has given 2 TEDX Talks, more than 70 keynotes in 18 countries and is one of the youngest Indians to speak at the United Nations Assembly in Vienna. He is one of the top 5 Young Influencers of India and is the founder of Shamani Industries (one of the fastest growing FMCG businesses in central India).

As an international executive keynote speaker, Raj’s mandate is to get the chord that strikes his audience most and use that to connect them with ‘the correct or ideal’ idea. Interestingly hisideas come with simple tools, strategies and follow up!

Also, Raj engages in 100% brand and product representation, improved marketing schemes and great nuggets on the things that matters most to people.He takes the idea and gives it flesh in words.

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