Vaibhav Datar

Keynote Speeches:

Handling Difficult Relationships
Simplifying Your Life
Happiness and You
Living In Stories
Vision Board and Visualization
Service to Humanity
Models of Reality and Systems of Living

Vaibhav Picks:

Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter
Simplify Your Life – Vaibhav Datar
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Joseph Murphy
Unlimited Power – Anthony Robbins
Awaken The Giant Within You – Anthony Robbins

Mid Life Coach | Author

Welingkar Institute of Management

Are you struggling in your relationships, your business or your career?
Are you in your midlife, where you feel there is so much to achieve in so little time?
Are you overwhelmed with all the possibilities in your life?

Vaibhav helps people who are struggling in relationships, business or career, or life in general using his curious questioning, listening and coaching toolbox.

He helps professionals work over their mid-life crisis and make it easy for them to achieve life goals. He also helps one prioritize and focus his/her career and business goals, create deeper relationships with oneself and others.

As a coach, Vaibhav will be with you in your tough as well as happy times, identify and take you closer to your goals, look at the actions you need to take and make you more accountable towards your goals, be a patient listener and problem solver. His coaching process helps you with your vision, action plan, skillsets, mind-set and energy.

Understanding and changing your mind-sets, helps you create a modified set to attract new possibilities into your life. You will also drop energy draining activities and focus on energy gaining activities.

Moreover, you will suddenly become aware of yourself, have a deeper understanding of life, career and relationships.

Why Vaibhav?

He is a certified LIFE coach and a published author of two books. The biggest turning points in his life has been his father's death coupled with him starting his new business, with no sales background. It has been tough since to make ends meet but he has learnt it the hard way.

Today, he has taken the knowledge gained from his experiences and created tools to help his clients live their dreams and win at life despite adversity and challenges. His process includes experiential learning techniques combined with Graphology, Hypnosis and meditation.

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