Anuj Tiwari

Keynote Speeches:

Past is not Our Future
Do Anything but Just Don't Die
Truth is Stranger than Fiction
Facebook, Instagram Vs Life
The Brutal Indian Society
Marital Rape
Smart City Vs Smart People

Favorite Quote:

‘Nobody dies by working hard’

Anuj Picks:

Immutable Laws of Marketing
Immutable Laws of Branding

Author | Digital Marketing Consultant

B.Tech | M.B.A

A TEDx speaker and marketing consultant settled in Mumbai, Anuj Tiwari was brought up on the bustling streets of Bareilly, where chaos is the order of the day. There, he learned to circumvent the streets first, and then his convoluted life. Instead of getting a ‘modern education,’ Tiwari studied in a Hindi-Sanskrit medium school where there were no English books.

Seeing his neighbourhood kids reading from colourful storybooks, he started building dreams of being able to read in English; however, he kept those dreams to himself in fear of being mocked at.

Despite going through six months of depression and trying to give up on his life in college, Tiwari is now the bestselling author of four books, which sold more than one million copies. He has sold his books on the streets of Mumbai and has been listed as one of the top ten most influential authors in India in 2016. Mr. Tiwari is the first Indian author creating a new genre into Indian literature called 'Self Help Inspirational Romance.'

Mr. Tiwari has spoken at the platforms like IIT, IIM and many more prominent institutes. He is India's most popular writers of inspirational stories. Anuj Tiwari also had been recognized by Newspaper Association of Indian, International Young Author Awards Dubai.

Why Anuj?

Brought up in the bustling streets of Bareilly, where chaos is the order of the day, he learnt to circumvent the streets first, and then the convoluted life itself. In lack of modern education due to financial issues, he completed his schooling from Hindi-Sanskrit medium school. Seeing many ups and downs in his life, Anuj Tiwari is now the author of four best-selling books. A speaker in many colleges and reputed platforms such as IIMs, TEDx, his stories are only based on real-life incidents that he has recorded over the years.

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