Mukesh Garg

Keynote Speeches:

Digital Transformation
What IT Can do to Business
How to Setup A Large Sustainable Team
Create Leaders to Lead You
Work Life Balance

Favorite Quote:

“Whatever Happens, Happens for Good”

Mukesh Picks:

Inside the Nudge Unit – David Halpern
Hacking Growth - Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown
Shiva Triology – Amish
Good to Great - Jim Collins
The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand

Consultant | Digital & Business IT Transformation Leader

M.B.A | L.L.B

Mukesh Garg is a Business Transformation leader with 20 years of experience in developing business strategies, Enhancing Operational Excellence, and adept at stakeholder engagement at global levels with strong Digital acumen. He has worked extensively in ERP implementations; application support and development; and IT Infrastructure Management. He has been deeply involved in setting up of 2 large IT support centres providing IT services globally. He is passionate about technology and the business impact that it can create. He has also implemented multiple digital solutions.

He loves reading and holidaying, especially long drives. Until recently Mukesh was working for AstraZeneca, and prior to that he was with Flextronics; Polaris Software and Havell’s India. Mukesh is an MBA in Marketing and also hold a Bachelor of Law degree. He is from Delhi and settled in Chennai for past 12 years now.

Why Mukesh?

Mukesh brings a lot of passion and energy. His presence is felt in the audience. He connects very well with empathy. He is adept in setting up new teams/offices, scaling them to large numbers in 1000s and built a sustainable journey.

He is very focused on how business can leverage technology to make things effective and efficient. He wants businesses to use technology to the maximum and the business leaders to create time for themselves and their teams.

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