Nandu Nandkishore

Keynote Speeches:

Disruption 101
Crisis Management
Team Building
Breaking the Boundaries
Starting Up

Professor, Indian School of Business

IIM Ahmedabad

Inspirational leader. Develops People & Organizations. Board Director. Venture Capitalist. Outstanding Communicator. Marketing & Strategy Guru.

Global C suite Executive with over 34 years of global experience in Leadership roles across a diverse set of environments in both emerging and developed markets, including as Executive Board Director for NESTLE in Asia, Oceania & Africa and also as Global CEO for Nestlé Nutrition in charge of markets all over the world including US, Europe & Latam.

Key areas:
1. Turnaround situations and Crisis Management.
2. Transformation of Old Economy Businesses with "Tech based" inputs & Innovation.
3. Leadership and Coaching in the new "Tech led" and "Sharing Economy".
4. Emerging Markets, Globalization and Cross Cultural operations, Sales & Distribution.
5. Consumer Engagement through Experiential Marketing, Neuro-marketing and digital.
6. Corporate Social Responsibility and Creating Shared Value through Social engagement.

Nandu is actively involved in using his expertise and experience to help guide companies through this fast-changing world.

Why Nandu?

Nandu is an inspirational leader with broad global experience and the ability to connect with people at all levels. He has a tremendous ability to derive clear consumer insights and is able to translate them into meaningful and successful business strategy. He empowers people to drive for success and nurtures talent to build a strong team around him.

Nandu is also an Executive Fellow – London Business School. As a Visiting faculty, primarily associated with the Strategy & Entrepreneurship, that requires lectures and teaching on MBA & Executive Education Programmes, research and participation in the vibrant intellectual life of the School.

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