Chandrasekhar Sripada

Keynote Speeches:

Leading Self to Lead Others
Mastering Dual Speed Change
Outcompeting Robots: Career Skills for the New Age
From Doing Things to Letting Things Happen: 4 Stages of Personal Growth
Disrupt the Digital Onslaught: Mantras of Mindfulness

Favorite Quote:

“A way of seeing is also a way of not seeing” - Kenneth D Burke

Chandrasekhar Picks:

Old Man and The Sea - Ernest Hemingway
Discovery of India - Jawaharlal Nehru
The Unbearable Lightness of Being - Milan Kundera
Good to Great - Jim Collins
Man’s Search for Meaning - Victor Frankl

Professor, OB & Strategic Human Capital, Indian School of Business

MBA, University of Leeds, UK

“I am not just my bio data “- this is what Chandra believes strongly and says to people when they ask him for his background. He wonders why his background should matter. He is not a mere consequence of his background. He shapes it as he goes along and that is exactly what he has done throughout is life.

He has built his destiny brick by brick. Except some hard to fight genes, he has beaten and overcome every limitation and crafted for himself an ever-evolving future: from a poor rural kid in the backwaters of Odisha in 1960s, to a global corporate honcho – Chandra’s journey has been one of ambition, vision, passion, trust, grit, resilience and growth.

From vernacular schools under thatched roofs to studying in one of the best universities in the world – he has seen it all.

Chandra’s intellectual preparation has been founded on his early education in Literature, Philosophy and Political Science. His career education gave him a MBA overseas and loads of hands-on experience across the coal face of steel industry to the glass and glitz of knowledge industries. His back ground in the corporate world has prepared him to be a Leader, Director, Mentor and Coach.

His passion for formal education and research has prepared him for academics. He has background across industries and sectors: Public, Private and Global Multinational firms. He has deep background in the professional practice of Human Resource Management along that, a wide array of its subsystems like Hiring, Selection, Compensation, Performance Management, Talent and Leadership development and Employee Engagement. His experiences have imbibed in him a spirit of deep enquiry, ability to handle ambiguity, a desire to embrace the future and commitment to life -long learning as a way of staying renewed and fit.

Chandra sees himself as a continuous work in progress. He spends his time on preparing and living the future than resting on his past background.

Why Chandrasekhar?

Chandra works across a portfolio of offerings in education, research, teaching, facilitation, Board-level governance and corporate advisory services; as his second career – after 40 years of work in Human Resource Management across Public, Private and Multi-National Companies.

As a CHRO, he has led Human Capital Strategies and partnered with CEOs and Top Teams in major companies like IBM, Capgemini, Reliance, NIIT. Starting as a Management Trainee with SAIL, he retired as the Global Chief Human Resource Officer at Dr. Reddy’s -a leading NYSE listed Pharma company.

As an academic, Chandra pursues interdisciplinary studies and applied research. His interests and work are focused on gaining practical insights at the intersection of Human Capital, Talent and Business strategies.

As a Leadership Coach and Facilitator, he works with top teams in building self-awareness through mindfulness practices for effective personal transformation and team collaboration.

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