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How To Organise An Event In College

For so many of us, college is the first step into adulthood and freedom. Following your passions, wearing what you want to, doing what you want to, networking, and having fun. One of the most memorable experiences of college life? Fests and Events! The energy and hustle involved in managing college events is an unparalleled experience. It’s all about how you overcome those hitches and try to create the best experience for everyone! Do you have an upcoming event where you need a speaker? Would you like to organise a speaker event in your college? If so, you’re at the right place! 

Organising A Speaker Event In Your College


There may be many set events and fests in your college organised by different clubs, departments, classes, or even the institution’s management. If you’re on the organising committee and are charged with the responsibility of bringing expert speakers or eminent personalities to lead, judge, or speak at the occasion, KNUTS.IN can help you bring the richest voices of value from the country and abroad. Reach out to the team and help them understand your requirements. For our top 5 tips on how to hire the best speaker for an event, click here.


However, there is always SPACE for MORE. What about you taking the lead on organising something new? Something different? Something that will directly contribute to your fellow classmates’ growth and knowledge. And it would also be an excellent leadership opportunity for you.


It’s worth a try. Here is a step-by-step guide to organising a college event:

Step 1: Share Your Idea


More often than not, the first step to organising an event is to communicate your plan with someone in the faculty or student council. Someone who has the authority to approve such plans or take them ahead with the management.




Step 2: Decide on a Topic/Theme 


Once your idea receives the green signal, the next step would be to decide on the topic of the session. It could either be related to the course you’re studying, a fun session to break the monotony of everyday classes or a session on a fundamental skill/knowledge necessary for overall development. Team Knuts can help you narrow down relevant topics and provide you with a list of expert speakers on the same. 


Wondering what it could be? Here is a list of potential session topics:


  • Personal Finance & Investing 
  • Social Media & The Future
  • Game-Changing Technologies
  • Power of Communication & Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • E-sports and Sports Management 
  • Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship
  • Becoming an Influencer 
  • Mental Wellness 
  • Get Motivated by Inspiring People
  • Cryptos, NFTS, & Web 3.0
  • The Art of Writing
  • Learning from Sports & Fitness Icons
  • CV Building, GD-PI Training
  • and many more!





Step 3: Find Your Speaker with Team Knuts

After deciding on the topic for the speaker session, inform Team Knuts. Our team will then get back to you with a list of potential expert voices that could lead the session. And don’t worry about the budget, we’ll help you find the best fit. has a roster of over 300+ speakers with expertise in over 99+ Topics.



Step 4: Organise the Event


Get the ball rolling! Once the topic, speaker, and date of the session are decided and approved by the management, complete other logistical work. Decide on the venue, timings, posters, marketing, audience capacity, etc. 





Step 5: Watch it happen! 


D-Day. The organising team is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. Watch your hard work fruition into an incredible event. 



Knuts is offering the first session to every college FOR FREE! So now you know where to start when organizing ANY event in your college., where stories meet the stage.



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