The Un-youthful Youth

The Un-youthful Youth

The Un-youthful Youth’, is a two hours long mixer, to be organised by Mash Projects along with Knuts Ventures (Knowledge Partner), Kolkata Hub in Openhouse (Venue Partner) on 8th of September 2018.

The event aims to contemplate the factors behind the nadir situations that usually leads to the employment of children under 14 years of age and senior people above age of 65 in Bengal. West Bengal, also famous as City of Joy, all around India, is also infamous for the poverty surviving into its narrow streets, people across the underdeveloped regions of the state tend to migrate to the developing Kolkata striving to make ends meet for their family.

The event aims to throw light on the factors that leads such individuals to work and earn beyond working age and strives to find a relevant solution and how various facets of society, namely governmental, corporate and social can help in achieving it.

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