Speaker- Shalini Saraswathi

"When the going gets tough, you have to get tougher. is honoured to share that our VoV Shalini Saraswathi addressed the people at HSBC on 23rd March to help them build and cultivate a very crucial life skill, RESILIENCE".

VoV Shalini Saraswathi is an adventure enthusiast, blade runner, national level athlete, marathoner, public speaker, and Director at Firstsource Solutions. After losing all four of her limbs due to a rare bacterial infection, she redefined her life and discovered her passion for athletics, becoming a national silver and gold medalist in the 100-meter sprint category. She is an avid blogger, public speaker, and advocate for persons with disabilities, serving as an ambassador for Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation and involved with Saviour of Soul, an NGO that works with rehabilitation of sex workers and their children as well as Gender-Based Violence. Shalini's inspiring story has earned her numerous awards and recognition, including the "Iconic Woman Award" and the "Kittur Rani Chennamma Award."

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