Speaker- Tarun Jami

On the 4th of May, our VoV Tarun Jami conducted a thought-provoking workshop on #sustainability - 'Decarbonisation by Design, for the employees of a globally renowned tech company.

VoV Tarun Jami is the founder of GreenJams, an award-winning clean-tech social enterprise enabling a beautiful, carbon-neutral built environment, through the use of materials. To mitigate the large carbon emissions from the built environment and the menace of crop residue burning, he created Agrocrete™, a carbon-negative building material made from crop residues and industrial by-products. He is also known for his work on hempcrete, a building material made of cannabis. More popularly known as "the guy who makes buildings with weed," in 2019, along with his brother and co-founder, Tarun was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.

Know more about VoV Tarun here: Click Here

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