Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability

Speaker- Dr. Saji Varghese

On 11th August, facilitated a session on ‘Social Entrepreneurship & Sustainability’ for a leading company in digital automation and energy management. The speaker for the event was VoV Saji Varghese.

VoV Dr. Saji Varghese is an educator turned innovator and social entrepreneur.

His breakthrough came with the creation of drinking straws from fallen coconut leaves, marketed as Sunbird Coconut Leaf Straws, employing 100+ women in South India. With accolades including the Climate Launchpad Award and Swiss Re Shine Entrepreneur Award, Dr. Varghese's startup stands as a beacon of empowerment, exemplifying his commitment to sustainable change and creating opportunities for marginalized communities.

Saji Sir is an Associate Professor at the Department of English at Christ University, Bangalore.

Know more about VoV Dr. Saji Varghese - Click Here

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