How to create a thriving workplace culture?

Speaker- Hari T.N

On 18th August, had the privilege of setting up an informative and interactive session centered around the question, "How to create a thriving workplace culture?" for an exemplary entrepreneurial organization. The speaker for the session was VoV Hari TN.

VoV Hari T.N is a Business Coach, Angel Investor, and an Author. With extensive experience in both Engineering and Management., Hari T.N has been a part of the Management Team at multiple start-ups/scale-ups and has therefore helped shape four successful companies Daksh, Virtusa, Amba Research, and TaxiForSure. He was the head of Human Resources at Big Basket and has mentored numerous young entrepreneurs and startups. He is also a Strategic Advisor at Fundamentum (a growth Fund set up by the doyens of the Indian Startup World). He has co-authored ‘Cut the Crap and Jargon- Lessons from the Startup Trenches’ and ‘Cutting the Gordian Knot - India’s Quest for Prosperity’.

Hari is passionate about building organizations for scale through clear thinking and relentless execution.

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