Inclusive and respectful workspace

Speaker- Amita Karadkhedkar

On 8th December, partnered with a leading energy-renewable company to facilitate a session where VoV Amita Karadkhedkar shared her insights on how to create and sustain an inclusive and respectful workspace.

Amita Karadkhekar is the Senior Vice President at a Global Bank. She is also a Co-Chair of the bank’s Pride Network & a TEDx, Public Speaker.

Through her work, Amita wants to create an all-inclusive society. She dreams of living in a world where no one has to ‘come out’ of any closet, where organizations don’t have to form ERGs across the various aspects of diversity to create a more equal work environment, where no one has to furbish any surgical document to get the gender marker which they identify with on the legal documents, and also where none is asked to select any radio button against gender or other aspects which inadvertently compartmentalize.

Today Amita continues to be the face of resilience, kindness, hope, and the change she wants to see in the world around her.

To invite VoV Amita to speak at your organization, reach out to us at | +91 82769 69066.

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