Marketing in the digital world

Speaker- Prasenjit Roy

On 16th December, had partnered with Symbiosis Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad, to facilitate a session where VoV Prasenjit Roy shared his insights on navigating the contemporary landscape of marketing in the digital world.

VoV Prasenjit Roy has more than twenty-five years of corporate experience on the business front – spanning across multinationals in India and abroad. An accomplished and dynamic Strategic Marketing, Strategy, M&A specialist - he is the evangelist of Integrated Strategic Marketing covering a wide spectrum of industry sectors including financials, telecom, manufacturing, information technology and other verticals.

Currently, he is the Senior Executive Vice President - Marketing at NTT Global Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure, India & APAC and also the Chief Marketing Officer of NTT Ltd. in India. He is also a speaker at leading business schools and industry associations.

He is the winner of several industry awards including ”Alumnus of the Year” under the Corporate Leadership category, “Most Iconic Marketing Professional”, “Most Influential Marketing Technology Leader”, “CMO of the Year”, “Enterprise IT CMO”, “Asia’s Top 50 Brand Leaders” amongst others.

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