Vivek Dinodia

Keynote Speeches:

Dream To Achieve
Life Of A Student Athlete
Maximize Productivity
Yoga: A State Of Union

Vivek Picks:

One Thing by Gary Keller
Open: An Autobiography
Investment Biker: Around the World with Jim Rogers

Director, Hi-Tech Systems & Services Ltd.

B.A. Economics, Princeton University

His interest in squash began at the age of 6 when he would cross the squash club on his way to the Victoria Memorial for a walk every morning. Years later, that interest manifested itself in recurring recognitions: the no.1 ranked squash player in West Bengal, a member of the Indian National Squash team, representing the country at the Asian Juniors in South Korea and the World Juniors in Qatar among others; and a winner of the Ivy League Rookie of the Year at Princeton.

While in college, he co-founded Hubble – a social app helping friends locate each other on college campuses. It happened after winning a $20K grant from Princeton’s accelerator program.

Vivek is also an accomplished Yoga teacher, having trained over a thousand students and now managing a professional Yoga studio in Kolkata. The passion started taking wings after a 5-month Yoga Teachers’ Training program in South India.

Above all, he is an entrepreneur in a fast-track engineering company where he drives innovation and new initiatives with zest… bringing to the business a bagful of fresh ideas, perspectives and technologies that would propel it to the next level.

Why Vivek?

Vivek is what Gen Y would tag ‘an unusual combo-pack’: many things agglomerated into one.

Topping the many’s are his prime passions: squash, Yoga and business. He has great insights on multi-disciplinary excellence; for learning how Yoga and sports impact business success; or for simply the story of struggles and wins of a young achiever.

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