Ashwani Kumar

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How To Be At The Top With Design
Sustainable Packaging & Design
Secret of Great Design
Innovation 101

Ashwani Picks:

The Little Book of Hygge - Meik Wiking

Chief Design and Packaging, ITC Ltd.

With over 28 years of proven Leadership in the area of Design Strategy and Brand experience, Ashwani has demonstratedthought leadership and collaboration with a vision set out on innovation. He has used consumer insights to create andrejuvenate Brands across several categories including, Foods,Personal Care,Liquor,Tobacco,Stationary,HomeFragrances,Hotels etc.

Being Globally networked and multicultural in outlook, Ashwani has had extensive experience workingwith influencers and decision makers across the globe.

Ashwani has had the opportunity of being a Speaker at several Global Forums like, EuroPac, ASIAPAC,World Packaging Organization, World Holographic Conference, and has brought in thoughtprovoking ideas into the fraternity.He also took up voluntary work and over the last three years provided leadership and guidance to the younger packaging development managers, as the Chairman of the ASIAPAC Summit. As a member of the India Design Council,the Apex body in the country,Ashwanibrought in Strategic thinking into projects,guided the team intovisualizing opportunities and worked on strong implementation tools. Concept creation has been Ashwani’s biggest forte and finally leading his team to execute in the most effective manner is the challenge he has always enjoyed and ultimatelydelivered.

Today,with these inputs,the delight is evident,in the value of the trademarks built and the top positions these brands occupy.Being a design buyer and developer, Aswani always kept partnership and relationship building atthe foremost, by setting up a world class Pre-Press house and Design houses to bring in Innovation and operationalefficiency. With his insights, Ashwani has written several articles for the top Business dailies in the country, propounded theprinciple for development, generated several Patents and own over 400 Design Copyrights for his organisation.With this value creation, he has taken his Company to be the country’s fourth largest in market capitalization and his team to be the most vibrant with the highest happiness quotient.

Why Ashwani?

Ashwani has been a part of ITC Ltd his entire professional career spanning almost three decades.

As the Chief of Design & Packaging at ITC, Ashwani has rejuvenated brands across several categories including, Foods, Personal Care, Liquor, Tobacco, Stationary, Home Fragrances, Hotels etc. One of the leaders in India in Design & Packaging, Ashwin is KNUTS certified!

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