Mohit Rao

Keynote Speeches:

The Magnificent Mind Readers of Marble Arch
Body Language Secrets

Mind Reader, Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer

Mohit Rao is a Mind Reader, Mentalist and Corporate Entertainer.

He has the ability to read your Mind, control your thoughts and even influence decisions. Using his skills, he has predicted the exact closing of the BSE Sensex live on national Television, hypnotised over 25000 people worldwide and used telepathy to drive a car blindfolded! He performs a show called “SE7EN” for corporate audiences. In this engaging and Interactive Show, he takes the audience on a journey to experience the amazing powers of the Human Mind.

Each experiment is designed to amaze, motivate and entertain, every single person in the audience. He performs a Stage Show for Corporate Events. Experience awe inspiring Acts in Mind Reading, Telepathy, Hypnosis, Body Language, shattered Glass Walking, Intuition, Dreams & Past Life Regression

Why Mohit?

Mohit’s shows are so Motivational, Interactive & Engaging, that unless someone has a heart-attack, they won’t leave the edge-of-their-seat.

Interactive. Motivational. Entertainment.

Some of his Performances :

Reading Rajkummar's Mind: feat. Salman Khan?! - Mohit Rao

Reading Shraddha's Mind: Want her Address? - Mohit Rao

Reading Aparshakti's Mind: He learns Telepathy! - Mohit Rao

Reading Archana's Mind: OMG, they plan a Date! - Mohit Rao

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