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Melvin Louis, a passionate dancer from Mumbai, who introduced his own kind of dance styles, and is one of the most sought after dancer by the young aspiring dancers of the country, whose YouTube history are filled with the videos by Melvin’s academy. But there’s more to Melvin’s journey more than just his passion for dance; a journey of overcoming struggles, a journey that can teach you the most important success secrets, a journey that can help avoid your future failures.

Melvin always liked dancing since school days, but realized he could excel at it when he was at his college, while he performed for the annual day. He got a job at an investment banking firm after graduating. It was after his work at the bank that Melvin decided to pursue what gave him joy, more than work just for money.

He slowly realized he wanted to do something bigger and better. He wanted to make people understand their capabilities. It wasn’t easy to open his own studio to train people, but he never let go off the dream, instead channelized his thoughts and action to making it happen. That was the start to his never-ending journey.

A self-taught dancer, who hardly picks up what’s already there, instead creates his own style, Melvin is definitely setting the right trend and example to today’s generation.
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Why Melvin?

We all have a passion for something in life and the desire to fulfil it but life gets challenging at certain points and the direction completely changes. What is it that it takes to cross those hurdles and still fulfil your dreams? Well, Melvin's journey can answer!

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